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Cloth nappy hire can help you find the perfect nappy and save you money

Choosing the right cloth nappies shouldn't be confusing. Here's how Cloth Nappy Hire works:

1 - Receive your package within a few days

Delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia. We'll ship your package 1-2 weeks before your hire begins so you have time to familiarise yourself with the nappies.

2 - Learn exactly what fits your baby

Every baby is unique. With your package, you will be able to feel & test a variety of styles from Australia's favourite brands, to find the perfect nappies for your family. No more guesswork & confusion about which nappies you should choose.​

3 - Create a better future for your child

By the time a child toilet trains, they’ll have used around 6000 nappies that take up to 500 years to break down in landfill! Be a change maker when you switch to cloth nappies- you'll be amazed at how empty your bin is.

Hiring cloth nappies is simple, cost effective and efficient

The newborn nappies I hired were so cute and I loved trying out the different brands. Amy even did a custom wash guide for me. It was such a huge help and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try cloth

Kristy Bold

Trying multiple brands and styles of cloth nappies is great to be able to know which suits your baby and your lifestyle. Amy was amazing! From the start before I hired, she answered so many questions so promptly and she continued to do so throughout my hire period

Krystel Tucker

Highly recommend using Cloth Nappy Hire if you are new to cloth nappies and not sure where to begin. Amy is so helpful and generous with sharing her fountain of cloth knowledge and was happy to answer all my silly questions. I now feel confident doing full time cloth for two children. 😄

Tanya Hashmi

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