The 10 and 2 Leg Seal Hack for Terry Towelling Flat Nappies

It can be tricky to get a good leg seal and excellent fit when you first try terry towelling flats (sometimes known as old fashioned cloth nappies or terry towelling cloth nappies). In this video, you'll learn how to get an excellent trim fit and leg seal using the "10 and 2 Leg Seal Hack". The 10 and 2 refer to the positions on a clock face- baby is positioned from 12 to 6 o clock, 2 o clock is the right hip and 10 o clock the left.

Terry flats are an excellent, economical way to cloth nappy a newborn and are also great for older babies who don't crocodile roll on the change table (you'll know whether this applies to you!). To use terry towelling flats, you fold the nappy, fit it to your bub, secure with a Snappi/pins/Boingo and then use a PUL/wool cover over the top to keep bub dry.

Try an origami fold for younger babies and a kite fold once the origami fold is too small. If you require greater absorbency, you can boost your kite fold by folding a modern cloth nappy insert or even a folded tea towel or washcloth into the wet zone of the terry.


Hi everyone, it's Amy from Clean Cloth Nappy Hire and I'm making this video today to show you how to get a really nice leg seal when you use terry towelling flats for your baby.

Terry towelling flats are the wonderful old fashioned squares of terry towelling that you fold and then pop a cover over the top. I was cloth nappied in these as a baby and used them on my first born, and although I haven't used them much on my second born I'm still using the first lot of flats around the house and for cleaning up milk spills- they're a wonderful and multipurpose item.

When you're fitting your terry towelling flats there are a few tricks that you can do to get a really nice fit with your flats and get a good leg seal.

We're going to demonstrate on Ted today because my kids are far too wriggly to sit still during this demonstration and will probably roll over to go and look at something else so I'll pop the phone down on the table and we'll demonstrate the leg seal hack with Ted.

I have my flat in a kite fold, which is a nice fold for slightly bigger babies as it's very adjustable. You might look into an origami fold if you have a newborn baby. I'll pop Ted onto the fold and show you first what can happen without the hack and then I'll show you with the hack and how that's going to work to improve the leg seal.

When you're fitting your terry, people will just pull up the centre and pull the legs around and put a Snappi on. What you can see is that you end up with a nappy that sits quite low on the legs and when you put this on your baby you'll find that it will sit right down on their thighs and then you can't put a cover over the top. You can try to tuck this up and try to fit it under the cover but it's not great and it's also pretty gappy so you can see that you're likely to get poo leaks out of the legs if you have a new baby with runny poops.

I call this the 10 and 2 o clock Leg Seal Hack. If you imagine a clock face, Ted is 12 and 6 on the clock, you're going to fold the nappy up to 2 o clock on the right and 10 o clock on the left. When you're doing your kite fold, you can fold the sides between the legs into the centre as well to give you double the layers and a trimmer fit. What we're going to do for the leg seal hack is hold the leg up and fold, and as we fold we pull it tight against the bum cheek. We fold, fold, fold until there's no more bits to fold and then we pull across to the waist, then repeat for the other side.

I'll fasten with a Snappi and show you what it looks like. There is a much higher fit over the hips and Ted's legs are free to move and your baby's legs will be free to move and it's easy to fit a cover over. When we have a look at the leg seal, you can see that this is really tight against Ted's bum and because you've got that folding over, you've a really nice gusset which is going to prevent any poo exposions.

So that's the 10 and 2 Leg Seal Hack, a great trick for when you're using Terry Towelling Flats on your baby. See you next time!