Top 5 Laundry Detergents for Washing Cloth Nappies

We’ve tried & tested pretty much everything on our own cloth nappy journey and we are really happy to share this experience with you. When it comes to nappies, it's all about the clean. There is nothing more satisfying than beautiful, white, stain-free, smell-free cloth nappies to use on your kids. With a little know how you too can be Queen of the Laundry!

Best detergents for washing modern cloth nappies
#1: Omo liquid & powder
Omo rates highly year after year, for good reason- it gives a reliable clean and is excellent on stains, which sure helps to make life easy. It works well with warm or hot water. You can buy it in bulk packages, and it's usually on sale at a supermarket somewhere!
#2: Radiant liquid
This gives a beautiful clean and is my favourite laundry fragrance, to me it smells the best! It is also really economical to buy. It’s low foaming so very front loader friendly. It works well with warm or hot water. It’s palm oil free and not tested on animals. Great on regular laundry too.
#3: Biozet powder
Comes in at #3 as it’s produced in Japan and shipped over and I’m not sure that all of those miles are terribly environmentally friendly. It works really nicely, has a lovely fresh non-floral fragrance (I think it’s lemony), you can buy it in bulk packages and as with #1 and #2 it’s great on regular laundry as well as your nappies. Use with warm or hot water.
#4: Ecostore powder (Plant Based)
Although I need 3x the dose on the box to get a good clean, and need to use hot water, it does give a good clean and has very little residual fragrance. It is, thus far, the only plant based product that I’ve ever been able to wash my nappies with and have consistently great results. Winner!
#5: Coles $1.50 Laundry Liquid (Extreme Budget)
To be fair it has no stain removal power so you will need to pretreat anything dirty, but it gets smell out like a dream with a hot wash. I didn’t expect it to work at all so I was really really impressed. If you’re on a super low budget grab some of this, a box of Sunlight soap (for nappies) or some laundry soaker (for kids clothes/food etc) and you’re away.
Happy washing! :)