Mixed newborn hire package
Mixed newborn hire package
Mixed newborn hire package
Mixed newborn hire package
Mixed newborn hire package
Mixed newborn hire package
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Mixed newborn hire package

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This 8-week hire package is perfect for parents who would like to try both traditional and modern cloth nappies. It contains a mixture of prefolds, covers and modern cloth nappies, perfectly sized to suit your newborn baby. Take the stress out of deciding which nappies to choose and try popular, reliable nappies from Australia's favourite brands.

The mixed newborn package contains:

  • 12 cotton prefolds
  • 6 waterproof covers
  • 12 newborn-sized modern cloth nappies (suit babies from 2-6kg)
  • 10 stay dry fleece liners and 6 bamboo boosters
  • a waterproof storage bag for used nappies on the go
  • a bar of stain-removing laundry soap
  • a Snappi nappy fastener

 You'll also enjoy our step-by-step newborn nappy guide, custom wash instructions for your machine (wash every 1-2 days) and friendly support, advice and troubleshooting from our experienced team.

Hire information

The mixed newborn package is an 8-week hire. If your baby needs additional time in newborn size, hire extensions are $20 per fortnight and can be arranged during your hire.

The mixed newborn package is available in two sizes, for average sized newborns (around 3.5kg) and for small newborns (from 2kg). You're welcome to change the size of your package before it is shipped, if your baby is expected to be larger or smaller than average.

The hire dates are flexible as we appreciate that baby may not arrive on her due date. Enter your expected due date in the booking form above, and we'll ship your nappies 1-2 weeks before your hire begins as standard. If your baby arrives ahead of schedule, we will expedite your package at no additional charge, and the 8 weeks begins on your expected due date as per your booking. If your baby arrives late, we'll adjust your hire dates so that you benefit from the full 8 weeks of hire.

We will email you after you've placed your booking with confirmation of your hire, your newborn nappy guide and wash guide. You'll find a link to our personalised wash routine form at the bottom of page 1 of the wash guide, and you can fill this in to receive your personalised routine.

You're welcome to purchase the nappies from your hire package at 20% discount on RRP. We'll forward more info about this during your hire.


Nappy brands and styles

The mixed newborn package enables you to try popular nappy styles such as prefolds and covers, all-in-ones, all-in-twos and pocket nappies. Each style of nappy has pros and cons and trying a variety of nappies is the perfect way to learn which nappies suit your family, before you purchase your own stash.

The mixed newborn package features the highest quality nappies with natural fibre (bamboo, hemp and cotton) absorbency. 

Our core range includes:

  • Real Nappies cotton prefolds
  • Rumparooz newborn nappy covers
  • Baby Beehinds Magic-All all in one
  • Bare + Boho Mini all in two
  • Bubblebubs Pebbles all in one
  • Grovia Newborn all in one
  • Seedling Baby Minifit pocket nappy

We are currently trialling Bottoms Up Junior newborn all in two, Fudgey Pants Petites newborn all in one, Peekaboo newborn all in one and Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap mini nappy covers.

Shipping and returns

We will ship your package 1-2 weeks before your expected due date/hire start date. We use a combination of couriers and Australia Post depending on your region. We ship to all Australian locations.

Shipping to you is included in the package price. Return shipping to us via Australia Post will cost $18.50 in most cases. Brisbane based customers are also welcome to drop the package back to us in Salisbury (10km south of Brisbane CBD).

As per Australian consumer law, we don't refund for change of mind. If you wish to cancel your booking before your package has shipped, we will refund the package fee and retain the security deposit to cover our time and expenses. If you change your mind after your package has been sent, we will refund the security deposit upon return of the nappies in acceptable condition.


Washing and care

We want you to treat the nappies as your own and clean them thoroughly. We encourage you to use your regular family detergent and wash the nappies at 60 degrees. Please fill in our personalised wash routine form (at the bottom of page 1 of the wash guide, which we'll email after you've placed your booking) to receive your custom wash routine.

You're welcome to tumble dry the nappies on warm heat. Hot dryers can melt the waterproofing.

You're welcome to use any kind of nappy cream, and we encourage you to use stain remover products such as Vanish in the wash if you need to.

Do not wash the nappies with dark or bright coloured clothing. Dye transfer, damaged nappies and lost nappies will result in the loss of your bond to cover replacement costs.

Between hires, the nappies are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with a non-residual antibacterial/antiviral sanitising solution. We wash them with a commercial antibacterial detergent that meets Australian Standard AS/NZS4146:2000 (Laundry Practice) and tumble dry them to delightfully soft condition.



"This is a brilliant service for anyone wanting to start out using cloth nappies. I don't think I could have got started any other way. The range of nappies I received was fantastic and the designs are so cute. It was great to trial so many types and see what suits us best. Amy gave me so much useful advice and was so quick to respond to my emails. The cleaning instructions have turned me into a laundry expert now too and I have even been attacking old stained baby clothes with the dry pailing method! I highly recommend this!" - Elouise

"Such a fantastic service - and Amy is so very helpful. Our brains had limited capacity after baby arrived and it was so easy to already have our wash routine sorted and an array of cloth nappies available to try. We ordered the newborn pack which was perfect for our little bundle. Thanks again Amy." - Charise

"10/10 for both product and customer service! I got the Newborn package and found it a great way to ‘try before you buy’. I was able to figure out what worked for us, and build my own stash of OSFM accordingly. Amy was very supportive and helped with any questions I had. Highly recommend!" - Antoinette