About Cloth Nappy Hire Australia

​Hi! We're the White family and we live in Brisbane, Australia.


Cloth Nappy Hire Australia is a small family business based in Brisbane, Australia. We love to use cloth nappies and other reusable products and we are so happy to share our passion for cloth and reusable products with you.

Our family is Amy (Mum), Troy (Dad), Aidan, Thomas and our cat Carlos. Amy and Troy are both scientists by day and parents day and night. Amy likes coffee, gardening and trail running and works as an environmental consultant. She is often overheard telling people that nappy hire is the best job in the world. Troy works in the same field and he enjoys going to the movies and playing board games and he is nappy folder extraordinaire.

Cloth Nappy Hire Australia started in 2018, originally as Clean Cloth Nappy Hire before we rebranded in 2020. Amy has been an active part of the online nappy community since 2015 and has helped thousands of parents to troubleshoot their nappy laundry, fit and absorbency issues, so it was logical that we would use our collective skills and enthusiasm for cloth to help other families to get the very best from their nappies.

As a family we have tried and continue to try so many different products, meaning we are well placed to choose the most proven, reliable and popular products to offer your family in our hire packages.

We've love to connect like minded families, so please feel free to contact us, follow us on Facebook / Instagram / Youtube or join our Facebook community #getintocloth Australia. We look forward to chatting with you!