Questions & Answers about Cloth Nappy Hire

Do you have questions about Cloth Nappy Hire? Here you'll find common questions and answers from our customers.

How long is the hire period and when does it start?

The standard and most popular hire period is 8 weeks from the date that you enter at the checkout. We suggest your due date as the start date. If your baby arrives early we can expedite your package, simply send us an email.

What if my baby arrives late?

Once your package has shipped, date changes work as follows: once you've received your package, if your baby arrives early, you receive the extra hire time free of charge. If your baby arrives late, simply email us to let us know bub's birthday and we'll adjust your end date so that you get the full 8 weeks worth.

What condition are the nappies in?

Our nappies are either brand new or in excellent, sanitised condition. This means that they have strong elastics, no stains and no obvious signs of wear. They are beautifully clean and sanitised between customers to ensure they are safe for your baby.

How do I wash and care for the nappies?

Upon receipt of your order we will contact you to provide your step-by-step personalised wash routine. This is included in the cost of your hire. When you receive the nappies we suggest washing them once at home to prepare them- the longest cycle on your machine at 40-60 degrees with detergent is perfect. Our nappy hire packages often contain brand new nappies and this wash will remove any factory dust or manufacturing residues. We encourage you to wash the nappies at 40-60 degrees with your regular family detergent and you're welcome to tumble dry them on warm.

When do you send the nappies? When do I need to return them?

We will send your package in the fortnight before your hire start date. This ensures that they will reach you in time. Shipping times are the same week for Sydney and Melbourne, around a week to Adelaide and a week and a half to Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Regional areas are usually a couple of days from the nearest capital city.​
At the end of your hire, please supply a tracking number for the safe return of your nappies within 48 hours of your hire ending. We know that #mumbrain is real, so we'll get in touch before the end date to remind you.

When can I start to use the nappies?

You can use the nappies from the moment your bub is born. If you'd prefer to wait until the meconium has passed, or a week or two to get settled in, that's fine too. Just set your preferred start date when you order your hire package. If you're hiring an Infant + Toddler package you can use the nappies right away.

​I'm expecting a Premmie, can you supply nappies to fit?

You can select the premmie option at checkout for our Newborn and Premium Newborn hire packages. These nappies are suitable for babies from 2kg through to around 5.5kg.

​I'm expecting a big baby, what should I do?

Most of the nappies in our Newborn Packages will fit to 6kg, which is around 3 months of age for a baby on the 50th percentile (half of babies bigger than this, half of babies smaller). It's reasonable to expect that by around 8-10 weeks of age your baby will be starting to grow out of newborn nappies ready for one-size-fits-most cloth. If you're not sure about how big your bub might be or how fast they might grow, we suggest starting with an 8 week hire and you can extend it as required.

How does Lay-By work?

When you order your package, you can select the Lay-By option from the drop down menu at checkout. You will pay $100 deposit (Bond), flat rate shipping and any extras at the time of booking to secure your layby. We will send an invoice to you for the hire fee itself and you can make partial payments at your leisure. Full payment is required 1 month prior to your hire start date.

How do I redeem multiple gift vouchers?

​At present our online store doesn't accept multiple gift voucher redemptions in one transaction, but we can manually process your order.  Simply fill in our contact form or send an email to cleanclothnappyhire@gmail.com and we'll organise it for you. To speed things up, please provide the voucher numbers of all of the vouchers you'd like to redeem in the transaction.

I'd like to extend my hire, can I do this?

Of course you can, just contact us and we will organise it. Hire extensions are $20 per week.

I love the nappies and wish to purchase them, is this possible?

You certainly can, contact us for current retail pricing. Our hire nappies are on-sold at RRP less 20%.

How are the nappies cleaned after hire?

Our nappies are cleaned like hospital linen with a non-residual antibacterial/antiviral sanitising solution and are washed at 60 degrees C with a commercial antibacterial detergent that meets Australian Standard AS/NZS4146:2000 (Laundry Practice). We tumble dry the nappies to delightfully soft condition.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind before your package is sent, your hire fee will be refunded less the bond. If you change your mind after your package has been sent, we will refund your bond upon return of the nappies in acceptable condition as detailed in the terms and conditions.

Do you refund for unused weeks?

We do not refund for unused weeks. We suggest hiring for 8 weeks and then you can extend your hire if your bub still fits the nappies after 8 weeks.

I'm having trouble with smells and stains, what can I do?

Just email us and we can help!

What if the nappies leak or I have problems?

We have put together a guidebook to help you navigate potential issues such as fitting, boosting and laundering. We're also always available to answer your questions and provide you personalised assistance to get your cloth working for you. If you need some help, no question is too small, so please contact us for some assistance.