Why Hire Modern Cloth Nappies?

Getting started with cloth nappies can be overwhelming.

You want to make the world a better place for your baby, but you're not sure how cloth nappies will fit into your life. You may have done some reading and become increasingly confused. You want to give cloth a go, but you don't know where to start. Sound familiar?

Save Stress, Save Money, Save the Planet. There are plenty of great reasons to hire cloth nappies- here are just a few.

Learn what works for your family

You can relax when you hire a cloth nappy package, the hard decisions have been made for you. You will receive quality, trusted, effective and appropriately sized nappies for your baby. You use them as though they are you own (if you love them you can purchase them too!) and enjoy testing a variety of styles, fabrics and prints from Australia's favourite brands. Our customers frequently tell us that the nappies that they thought they would love weren't the nappies they ended up sticking with, so hiring cloth is a great way to learn what truly works for you and your baby.

Ongoing support as you start your cloth journey

We're here to help! Throughout your hire, we're available to troubleshoot any issues with you via email. We frequently help out customers with fit tips, getting the right amount of absorbency, night solutions and often just a good old parent-to-parent chat.

Personalised laundry instructions for your washing machine

We are cleaning experts. Amy established the Clean Cloth Nappies group in 2015 and spent several years researching and writing about best laundry practice. Amy has assisted thousands of people with their wash routines over the years and tested pretty much every detergent out there, so we are sure to have a simple solution to your laundry troubles. We write a personalised nappy wash routine for every customer, so you know exactly which buttons to press to get the best results when it comes to washing your cloth. This makes getting started so simple!

Options options options

Our add-ons are a great way to try extra nappies- you can add on night nappies, traditional nappies or extra nappies, or you can hire a package for twins. We're happy to customise your package to suit your needs. We also sell cloth wipes for you to keep- they're so much more effective than disposable baby wipes, they're great to clean hands and faces as well as baby bottoms, and you just throw them in the laundry basket and wash with the rest of the nappies.

You can also extend your nappy hire if you need a bit of extra time, just email us to arrange and it will be done.

Buy what you love, send the rest back!

If you find your favourites, you're welcome to keep them. The hire nappies are sent to you in excellent condition and we sell them on at 20% discount on RRP. At the end of your hire, you simply post or courier the rest of the package back to us. A package from Cloth Nappy Hire Australia is the easiest way to begin your cloth journey!